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Pozicion Vakant Pune | Produksion Video

Post Title: Video production

Location: Remote (including traveling to Durres)

Duration of Assignment: Lump Sum per product (within 2 months)

Type of Contract: Service contract (Individual/Company)

Application deadline: 08 – February – 2021



Together Foundation is initiating an empowerment project for persons with disabilities on the right to vote in the Parliamentary Election in 2021. Persons with disabilities often by documents and by public opinion are considered as the most vulnerable community facing strong prejudices, stigmatisation and discrimination. Because of this, according to the report of Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities disabled persons are excluded from decisions making because of accessibility matters related to polling stations and voting materials.[1]  and often persons with disabilities remain hidden for the society. The right to vote is a very significant means for the public to express its will and to shape the society we want. It is a very good opportunity for persons with disabilities to make up their minds and exercise their essential right to vote which will bring them closer to becoming part of decisions about social programmes concerning them and a more inclusive future society.


This initiative has a twofold aim:

  • To empower organisations of persons with disabilities and disability rights’ activists about their right to vote and be proactive in monitoring its implementation before, during and after the Election Day and influence the agenda of political parties and candidates.
  • It aims to raise awareness among the community of persons with disabilities to exercise their right to vote


This initiative targets the municipality of Durres and the main its activities comprise cooperating with DPOs in drafting a manifesto and introducing it to political parties and candidates, monitoring accessibility in the polling stations on the election day and the public discourse of the candidates on disability issues whenever present, and, finally, to prepare two policy briefs with all the findings for the municipality of Durres so that it can serve as a guideline for future electoral processes.


This project is carried out in the frame of a sub-grants scheme “I participate! My voice, my vote counts” with financial support by the European Union implemented by the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) in partnership with Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) and Institute for Political Studies (ISP).


Scope of work

The purpose of this assignment is the production of a video to raise awareness of the right to vote for persons with disabilities in the parliamentary elections in 2021. The content and the script will be discussed between the project team and producer. The material will be used for advocacy and broadcasted internally (during the foundation’s meeting) and with the public through our media channels.



  • One full video production for around 5 minutes.
  • Prepare 6 mini-spots (sequences from the video) (15 seconds per each) with significant messages.
  • The producer should present a scenario to project team and reflect on their feedback and recommendations.
  • The producer should present a first draft within 3 weeks from selected and reflect any feedback given.
  • The producer will be responsible to put on the video the project logos.
  • Prepare the video in Albanian languages and with English subtitles.
  • The producer will be responsible for copyrights of all mean included in this video.


Required Skills and Experience

  • University degree in field of multimedia or related disciplines.
  • Proven track in video productions and at least 3 years of relevant experiences.
  • Creativity and artistic skills are an asset.
  • Experience in covering Social and Humanitarian subjects is an asset.
  • Experience with Civil Society and Activism is an asset.
  • Experience with Disability matters is an advantage.
  • Full professional working knowledge, written and spoken, of English and Albanian is required.


Application Procedure

Interested candidates/companies are requested to apply no later than 08.02.2021 by submitting a letter of Interest and a list of previous works for this assignment via email [email protected]

[1] Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Concluding observations on the initial report of Albania, 14 October 2019

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